The baddest witch
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25,13 :))

Favourite Coven character?
Misty Day and Fiona Goode
What you hope never becomes a season plot/subtitle?

Aliens, space, vampires, werewolves, zombie apocalypse. Because there is so much on tv and in movies about that already. I think those themes are too easy and RM would be so lazy if he just did any of that. I prefer when it’s more unique, like modern witches (charmed wasn’t exactly the same thing because they were sisters and it wasn’t a school), old mental hospitals and freak shows. 

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Favourite season?

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Favourite Lily Rabe character?

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18, 19

18. Favourite antagonist?
Sister Mary Eunice

19. Favourite protagonist?
Lana Winters

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2, 9, 16, 23 :)

2. Least favourite season?
Murder House or Freak Show. I like the storyline and the theme better on Freak Show, but not the characters. I prefer Constance to Elsa and Tate to Jimmy. And the fact that Lily isn’t in Freak Show bothers me so much that I can’t fully enjoy it. So either Freak Show or Murder House. If only Lily was in this season, I’m sure it’d be my second favorite season after Asylum. :/
9. Favourite Lily Rabe character?
Sister Mary Eunice forever I get emotional just thinking about it. Lily was totally robbed, she should’ve won at least all the awards for that beautiful performance. 
16. Scariest season?
I think American Horror Story is more tragic than scary. I don’t get scared watching things really, I don’t even know what it would take to irk me out. But I guess Asylum was scariest in a way, because of the abuse that happened in old mental asylums not too long ago. Torture like methods for treating illnesses.. I think the concept and the fact that it has a lot of truth to it (people actually treated unwell people this badly in the old days) makes it very disturbing. 
23. What actor you hope to see in the future? 
Lily Rabe. But also Mary Louise Parker, Naomi Watts or Juliette Lewis maybe. 

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What actor you hope never appears again?

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Josh Hamilton! 



  1. Favourite season?
  2. Least favourite season?
  3. Favourite episode of Murder House?
  4. Favourite episode of Asylum?
  5. Favourite episode of Coven?
  6. Favourite episode overall?
  7. Favourite Jessica Lange character?
  8. Favourite Sarah Paulson character?
  9. Favourite Lily Rabe character?
  10. Favourite Evan Peters character?
  11. Favourite Murder House character?
  12. Favourite Asylum character?
  13. Favourite Coven character?
  14. Favourite character overall?
  15. Favourite opening theme?
  16. Scariest season?
  17. Least scary season?
  18. Favourite antagonist?
  19. Favourite protagonist?
  20. Most interesting wonder (Seven Wonders)
  21. Most interesting story-line?
  22. What you hope to be a season plot/subtitle?
  23. What actor you hope to see in the future?
  24. What actor you hope never appears again?
  25. What you hope neverbecomes a season plot/subtitle?

jessica lange sings that better than Lana Del Rey tbh and I just know I will listen to it on repeat until ahs season 15 comes out


I relate to Dot on a spiritual level.

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