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Delightful Thoughts
Poetry by Evan Peters
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so i cried. and she wiped a booger on me.

is this even fucking real omg

Anonymous said:
hello beautiful, i love you so much and i stalk your blog everyday but you have no idea sigh you are amazing

I love you and I want to marry you, here are some imaginary cookies!

Anonymous said:
I have really missed talking to you too, I cant be off anon cause I dont have a tumblr :(

Oh please please please pretty please join us on tumblr. You’ll never want to leave.

You know I’ve turned anon asks on again
And I sincerely apologize for answering abusive anons in the past
I will not publish the ones who harass me and trigger me/you
But I want requests and I miss the nice anons, so
Please behave like decent human beings 
Although if you say something that is really offensive or ILLEGAL
I will have my computer savant brother hunt you down and 
Crash your entire computer

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Try living in the United States honey

that is very irrelevant and unnecessary actually. what happens in my country mirrors trends worldwide. the thing is this is a global problem. it shouldn’t matter if I live in the US or in Sweden because at the end of the day this is a loss for us all. every time a racist party gets upvoted in a country, the whole world should be crying because it’s a mentality that is toxic and is spreading like wildfire and also it travels across borders. 


It’s crazy how Lily Rabe can play a snobby housewife and a hippy teenager and pull both roles off.